Episode Synopsis:

Faisal’s first question posed to Souhail, is what would he do if he had Jeff Bezos’ money? (Which is over 200 billion US dollars FYI). Souhail says, after he’s done as much good as possible with the money, he’d buy Chelsea football club. And then he’d probably purchase the Melbourne cricket ground, purely because he’s never managed to get a good seat there! But really, if you think about it, having that much money would be such a problem, Faisal explains. We will be questioned for every penny we spend, so what a big responsibility that would be. Faisal admits he would actually lose sleep over it. Souhail says it’s important for him to keep reminding himself of maintaining the balance by not overspending. Having too much wealth can cause you to lose the plot really. As he says, different levels, different devils. Too much of everything can create too much mental conflicts, according to Souhail.

Faisal and Souhail also discuss how important it is to keep the right company. Even one person in your circle who doesn’t impact you positively, can have an effect on you. And sometimes we think of ourselves as more righteous than we actually are. We give ourselves credit for being able to avoid bad habits that other people may be involved in, thinking we’re stronger mentally. But it’s so important to keep checking yourself.

Fairdinkum, slang for “that’s amazing”, is Souhail’s podcast with his friends, which started with the intention to bring on guests who can positively impact others, all whilst having fun and benefitting everyone.

Souhail explains life in Melbourne to be four seasons in one day, short fasts in Ramadhaan and dangerously strong kangaroos outside of Melbourne.

Souhail ordered The Game all the way to Australia and today we’re lucky enough to witness him and Faisal play it live.